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Aurora mysteries unlocked with NASA's THEMIS mission
A special type of aurora, draped east-west across the night sky like a glowing pearl necklace, is helping scientists better understand the science of auroras and their powerful drivers out in space. Known as auroral beads, these lights often show up just before large auroral displays, which are caused by electrical storms in space called substorms. Previously, scientists weren't sure if auroral beads are somehow connected to other auroral displays as a phenomenon in space that precedes substorms, or if they are caused by disturbances closer to Earth's atmosphere.
Simulations show lander exhaust could cloud studies of lunar ices
Space bricks for lunar habitation
Ingenuity Mars helicopter recharges its batteries in flight
Video: ESA's meteor camera captures the Perseid showers
Broken cable damages giant radio telescope in Puerto Rico
Main Belt asteroid Psyche might be the remnant of a planet that never fully formed